Today,The Best DualSense Controller Charger is in our hands: OIVO PS5 Controller Charging Station with Headset Holder review. At least for us it is, for a number of characteristics that we will tell you in this analysis.


First of all, we would like to thanks OIVO Gaming for trusting us, and providing us with this product for an in-depth review. It should be noted that OIVO'S product is a charger for PlayStation 5 (PS5) controllers, with support for two DualSense controllers and a headset. A recharging station with updated touch switch, with a fast charge of 2 hours.

All this thanks to a USB-C fast charging cable that we can connect directly to the console, unlike other manufacturers. But it is also designed in such a way that we can use it both on a table, desk or wherever we want to leave the controllers, as well as on top of the console. As it fits perfectly and is designed for it.


As usual, starting with the unboxing, we have a small slim box (already showing the width of the product, but most importantly the length). A simple cardboard box with the brand's characteristic purple areas and the PlayStation's characteristic white and blue shades. As we said, the product is specifically focused on the PlayStation 5 and its DualSense controller.

On the front, we have a picture of the product and what it looks like with the two DualSense controllers placed on its charger. The first hole is left open for the installation of headphones, which we will see later. It has three features that stand out: an LED indicator, the ability to charge the controllers within 2 hours, and a touch on/off button.

Two ways to use it

If we go to the back of it, we have two other images that show two possible uses. On the one hand, we can use it in the typical way, placing it on a table or furniture next to the PS5. But on the other hand, what makes it different for us is that it can be placed on top of the PS5 console, as it is designed to fit and accommodate perfectly.

If we go to the side of the box, on one of the sides, it tells us what the box contains and the size of the product. There are also two pictures which again highlight its LED panel and touch buttons. And on the other side, we have some pictures of the bottom, referring to the cable routing and the non-slip pads.

What's in the box?

Once we open the box, our product is protected by a plastic bag. If we take out everything inside, apart from the controller charger itself, we have a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable (for fast charging). There is also a small user guide or instruction manual and a warranty card. That's all there is to it.

Summary contents of the box

OIVO PS5 Controller Charging Station with Headset Holder

Small quick guide or user manual

USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable

Warranty Card

OIVO PS5 Controller Charging Station with Headset Holder Review

Added an on/off switch on the front of the PS5 touch charging dock as an upgrade to previous model

Charge two PS5 DualSense controllers and arrange the headset simultaneously

2 hours fast charging for PS5 controllers

Charging station with LED indicators:

orange = charging,blue = standby / fully charged

USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable

As we should, we have a USB Type C to USB Type C cable that is just the right length so that we can connect the charger to the PS5 and the rest of the cable is hidden under the stand. An elbow style design is used so that it doesn't not stick out too far, either at the front to connect to the console or at the back to connect to the controller charger.

Only we can connect it in front

A USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable is missing in case we don't want to use the front USB-C port on the main unit. We can therefore use one of the USB-A ports on the back so that the cable is not visible on the front, or free up the USB-C port for the hard drive.

In this case, however, the two-hour quick charge time might add a little more. This is because using the included USB Type C cable to connect the PS5 console will provide a faster time to load the DualSense drivers. It's up to you, we leave the console in sleep mode overnight so the controller can continue to charge, and we like to leave the front USB-C port free for the 1TB hard drive for PS4 games.

It wouldn't have cost much to include such a cable but we can attach the typical one that comes with it to charge TWS headphones or wireless bluetooth speakers. We have it that way and it goes perfectly to the USB-A port on the back.

With cable routing function

The advantage of putting it on the front USB Type-C port is that this OIVO remote charger has cable routing on the bottom. This means that it has the perfect hole to pass all the cables in the box. And it is completely hidden, only being visible a little bit at the tip where it is connected, as the rest of the way from top to bottom to the port can also be hidden on the sides of the console.

Compatible with PS5 and PS5 Digital

For PS5 Disk/Digital Console: Place the data cable inside the charging stand and connect it to your 2 versions of PS5 console. Place your controller and headset on PS5 charging station.

Great support

The OIVO PS5 Controller Charging Station with Headset Stand features non-slip pads that hold the PS5 controller charger base securely to the PS5 mainframe to prevent it from falling off or moving around, and while it's perfectly designed, even we think these pads will hold it securely, it's a welcome addition. What holds it in place best is the kind of rubber tabs on the side that we have on all four corners.

Two controllers and One headset

This updated PS5-pad charger comes with a special new non-slip pad that keeps the remote and headphones securely connected to the PS5 console, preventing them from falling off. As well as another ear pad for the headband of the headphones, so that they do not suffer unnecessary damage or chafing when they are placed.

Touch button

It comes with a new and improved touch switch for this PS5 controller charging station, which can be easily turned on or off by simply touching the button on the PS5 charger base with your finger, where we have the switch logo. This will help improve your experience with the product as it works very well and is very accurate. It's much better than having a physical button that we can use to move the base around. This is an improvement and update to other previous models or different versions of the brand.


As we said, it only takes 2 hours to quickly charge the Dual Sense dual controllers. This is an absolute must-have PlayStation 5 accessory pack, ideal for PS5 owners, whether PlayStation 5 Disco or PlayStation 5 Digital. and for us personally, this is the best DualSense controller charger.

Like a glove

It is the best adjective we can make, it fits like a glove... or as a ring to the finger. It's the perfect height so that the controls and headphones when on top don't touch any part of the console.

Although the charging pins do not hold the product if we do not hit it or touch it adrede they will not fall off. But we will have to be careful, as much of the control is suspended in the air, and touching it could cause it to fall. So also keep in mind where you are going to put the console and overhead charger.

When the charger is turned on the controls will illuminate, indicating whether they are charging or not (if they are with the battery at 100%).

LED Indicators

The LED indicators will also be illuminated where we have two images of the controls, and indicated with the number 1 and 2.

If either of the two controls are charged, they will switch from blue lighting to orange lighting. Once fully charged, it will turn blue. We'll also see it on the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller itself, which will light up its touchpad around.

Lighting around

OIVO has thought of everything, and that is that we also have blue lighting around the product. It is truly beautiful when it is locked into the console (it will be better appreciated than if we have it placed elsewhere).

This dual-controller DualSense charging station on PlayStation 5 looks really stylish with light. It adds a sense of atmosphere to you when you play, which hits the white sides of the console and intensifies the light.