OIVO Rechargeable Battery Packs for Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S

Getting ready to open this product I was in a lot of anticipation, as the pictures do not seem to do the product the justice it deserves. It is well built and has LED Lighting to represent when the Battery packs are connected and charging. This lighting changes when fully charged and has the option of an On-Off switch on the rear. On the sides of the station are Voltage LED lights that add that extra flair to any setup and if I did not mention before, it holds four battery packs so no room for low controllers. It is fast charging and long-lasting and for the price tag, it is fully worth it on a cosmetic and practical level. OIVO have a lifetime customer in me as a professional, does what it is made for and is pleasing to the eye.

Purchase here: OIVO rechargable battery packs for Xbox One/series x/s

Editor:Kevin Lal (kredundead)