VR headset

I was asked to check out Oivo’s Switch VR Headset (disclaimer: they provided me with a unit to review) and I’m pleased to say that it’s a robust and comfortable alternative to Nintendo’s cardboard Labo headset, with the added advantage of the user not being required to hold it in place.

The only thing that lets it down is something that’s out of Oivo’s control, in that there’s a real lack of VR-specific games on Switch; those that are available – such as the modes offered in Super Mario Odyssey, Smash Bros and Breath of the Wild – work well, but if you don’t have all three of these games you may find little else to justify the cost. That said, YouTube VR content works well and – with the headset being reasonably priced at around £25 – if this is something that appeals, it’s certainly an inexpensive way to watch VR videos.

So it works well for what it is – and it’s a decent price considering its build quality, but whether or not you personally think it’s worth a purchase hinges on how many of the VR-enabled games you either already own or intend to get. It’s certainly a vastly cheaper investment than, say, PSVR – or even standalone headsets such as Oculus Go – but is definitely a lot more limited than those examples too. That’s not the fault of the headset itself though – or Oivo. With more content available, this would be a near enough essential purchase for the Switch.

editor:Mid-Life Gamer Geek