One of the biggest surprises of the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. was the recent release of Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, a unique Mario Kart game featuring a physical toy kart based on Mario or Luigi racing within your own home! This game has been an absolute blast to play: even when you get over the gimmick of racing around your home using the augmented reality features, there’s still a wealth of in-game features and customization to keep you engaged. But what if you want to take your kart to another house to play? What if kids want to play with it but inevitably crash the kart? To solve these potential issues and more, OIVO has released a handy accessory kit made just for the game. This kit includes four different accessories for the game.

Mario Kart Live Accessory Kit, HPCritical

First, you can see the carrying case itself. Not only is the case of good quality, but the indentations are painstakingly placed to match the shape of your kart. If you need to take your kart anywhere, this is the way to go.  

He’s tucked in there perfectly!

Next is the Kart Mount Holder. The mount is designed that your kart can rest atop it without slipping off anywhere due to the wheels. While this may not be as appealing when the kart is by itself, it is incredibly handy when charging the kart, as you will not have to worry about it going anywhere!

The Kart will stay nice and steady as it’s gaining some much needed juice!

The last two accessories included are the AR Lens Cover and the Kart Head Cover. In regards to the former, it can be a bit tricky to place on your first time, but once it’s on, you likely won’t be taking it off again. The cover is a nice black color that compliments the color scheme of the kart well, and while your AR lens were likely not in much danger of being damaged, the extra protection doesn’t hurt, and it’s nice that it came with all the other accessories.  

Mario Kart Live Accessory, HPCritical

But one of the real stars of this kit is the included Kart Head Cover. While the bumpers available on the kart at launch should be sufficient for adult players, owners of Mario Kart Live that have or are around kids that want to play will definitely appreciate this.

Mario Kart Live Accessory, HPCritical

The cover smoothly slides across the kart head in a way reminiscent of the Wii Remote Jackets back in the day. And much like those jackets, it is designed for just a little extra protection. However, this is where I am personally torn. If my young nephew and niece come to my house to play with the kart, then I doubtless will want that extra protection for my kart to give me much needed piece of mind. Yet unlike the cool looking AR Lens Cover, I personally feel this head cover disrupts the sleek aesthetic of the kart’s design. For this reason, I will not be wearing the cover when I play the game myself, but looks aside, this is an invaluable addition to the kit for those that want to protect their expensive kart from kids or themselves.  


Should You Buy This?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: this was made for players who own the physical kart for Mario Kart Live. If you don’t own it, there’s clearly nothing here for you. However, if you do own it, or plan to give it as a gift to someone who does, then there’s a discussion to be had.

The kit itself retails at $31.99 and is also sold at Amazon (exact product link at the end). If you’ve already purchased the Mario Kart Live set, then honestly, even at the nearly $32 price point it is worth a buy in for that extra protection and overall convenience. It should be noted though that this buy-in is for those that really enjoy this game and plan to use it often. The tailor-made case is a no brainer for those that want to take their karts to different places to race, and the remaining accessories is good for keeping your kart safe. But if you don’t see yourself playing the game long-term, then you may want to give it some thought before purchasing lest you spend 32 bucks on something that you won’t use. If you know you’re in for the long-haul though, this is a worthwhile purchase.   


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Price: $35.99 USD


Amazon Rating: 4.7/5


My Rating: 8/10


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