OIVO Xbox Charging Station 

Controller Rechargeable Battery Pack

We recently picked up the Oivo Charging Station for our Xbox controller batteries, as we’ve already got some Twin Charging Docks (from another brand) for our controllers - but with more controllers than space, we needed another solution.

The OIVO Charging Station is a dinky piece of kit, with a base that allows the two included rechargeable batteries to be plugged in at the same time. Easily readable display, with bright LED lights to see at a glance if your batteries are sufficiently charged.

OIVO xbox battery pack

So far, we’ve been pretty happy with them - the batteries charge up quickly and they are battery packs; so allow you to keep the original back on your controller instead of having to switch it out for one of the integrated backs. Only downside to this is that the batteries have to be taken out to charge, and can’t charge whilst in the controller - however if you leave them to charge overnight, then you’ll be sorted for the coming day.

It’s also a lot more attractive than some of the bulkier designs - making it a perfect addition if you’re low on space or even if you’re just looking for a new charger to try out. The bright lights are nice, and the sleek design fits well with many of the other typical electronics you’ll have located around your console and TV.


- V x