Switch Pro Controller Clip Mount for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite


Have you ever said to yourself, Why the heck didn’t someone think of this sooner?! I have said that a number of times playing with different peripherals or accessories for my video game collection and today’s review product is no exception.

Picture this- you are playing an intense game of Fortnite with your Switch system propped up somewhere and you are in full control using the Switch pro controller… Wouldn’t it be nice to have something a lot sturdier than the flimsy kickstand or whatever you use to prop the system up against AND have the pro controller and the Switch system directly in front of you perfectly secure during gameplay? Well, my friends, take a gander below because you may want to check out this accessory for the Nintendo Switch:

This clip is SOLID and I mean SOLID and has been a God send for us. I feel like I have put this thing through its paces and it was incredible.  It fits the pro controller perfectly and has held up for the past few weeks that we have had it. OIVO has done a tremendous job in delivering something pretty unique that just works.  Here are some highlights of the product:


Protective Design: This sturdy clip mount holds your console securely, thanks to the rubber hook cushions and bottom that also protect the console from scratches and sliding, so that you can enjoy the game in the intense shake.

OIVO describes this accessory perfectly in their item description and I am sure you will walk away impressed. I know when some of my kiddos play the Switch, they literally put the system between their knees and prop their legs up while on the couch so they can control the Switch with the pro controller. Well, my friends, no longer do they need to do that thanks to this nifty little accessory. It solved a problem that I didn’t even realize existed. Using a “normal” controller just feels better when you play the Switch. Sure the slide on joy-cons do the job well, but something has to be said about using a standard, “normal” video game controller.

One side note is that this clip mount is SPECIFICALLY designed for Nintendo’s own pro controller. If you have a 3rd party controller, it most likely will not fit correctly. This accessory is tailor-made for the pro controller and the pro controller only. Keep that in mind if you decide to check it out.

Overall, over the past few weeks, we have fallen in love with this accessory for Switch and would place it in “must own” territory. It solved a problem that we had and has helped us rack up some wins in Fortnite (Seriously, it’s just so much better playing that game with the pro controller).

Huge props to Oivo for making this accessory. Feel free to pick up the OIVO Switch Pro Controller Clip Mount for Nintendo Switch here.